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Improve Your Chances Of Fair Compensation After A Car Wreck

Being injured, out of work and broke as a result of a vehicle collision can leave you feeling hopeless and depressed. When you're in this situation, receiving a fair settlement for medical bills, pain and suffering, and the time you spend jobless is not optional. What you do after the accident can make or break your ability to get the compensation you need to pay your bills comfortably while you recover.

  • Gather plenty of evidence. If you are physically able, gather as much information as possible at the scene of the accident. The more evidence you have, the easier it will be to prove who was at fault. Get the other person's license and insurance information, as well as the name of any potential witnesses. Also, use your cell phone to snap photos of the damage and jot down the names of nearby business that may have captured the wreck on their surveillance cameras.
  • Get medical help. Get to the hospital as soon as possible to have your injuries treated. Not only is this vital to your safety, it will prove that you were indeed injured during the collision. When you're released from the hospital, follow your physician's recovery advice and take it easy. If your doctor tells you to stay off your feet, don't go out and help your kid build a tree house. If investigators catch you straddling a tree limb, they'll use the information in court to convince the judge you're faking it.
  • Hire a lawyer. Since insurance companies are in the business of making money, it isn't likely they will act on your behalf. Their goal is to give you as little compensation as possible to protect their bottom line. To avoid being shortchanged by the insurance company, hire an auto accident attorney to work on your behalf.  
  • Keep your mouth shut. The insurance company will try to coax you into making a statement shortly after the accident. They will document everything you say and use it to prove their own case in court. Instead of talking to the insurance agent yourself, leave the blow-by-blow account of how the accident went down to your lawyer.

After a car accident, getting fair compensation will enable you to manage your medical bills and keep a roof over your family's head. To improve your chances of getting what you deserve from the insurance company, gather evidence, seek medical treatment, hire an auto accident attorney, and don't blab accident details to agents.