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Five Beauty Personal Injury Claims You Didn't Know You Could Make

Personal injury claims are not all about slip and falls or car accidents. Though a little bit of pain tends to come with beauty treatments, there are some cases of neglect that you should be aware of. If you have been unreasonably hurt due to a beauty treatment, you can file a claim with a personal injury lawyer to seek damages for the disastrous events. If you have been through one of these incidents, consider filing a claim.

Damaging permanents and hair loss

While relaxers, perms, and dye jobs are standard for beauticians, they are still chemical processes. If not performed up to safety regulations, they can go horribly wrong. If your hair has been destroyed due to a bad chemical process, and it is the beautician's fault, you have the right to sue for personal injury. If your beautician was negligent in applying the process or did not follow the proper steps, you have the right to seek damages for your losses and pain.

Burned during a Brazilian

Waxing is one of the most popular methods of hair removal. Waxing tends to last longer than other hair removal methods and makes for smoother skin. Waxing can also be a dangerous method of hair removal at times. If wax is too hot, it can damage the skin, causing burns of varying degree. One of the other issues with waxing is the cleanliness of the wax. If a salon uses the same sticks and wax without proper cleaning, this could cause an infection. If this has happened to you, the salon should be reported and you should call a lawyer to talk about a possible for medical damages.

Poor spa practices

Spas are a place of relaxation and one of the few places that you want to be concerned about having a health concern. However, spas have specific health codes that they must follow in order to remain in operation. Water must be of a certain temperature inside of hot tubs, tools must be replaced, and certain treatments may be forbidden in specific states. Last but not least, some spa positions, such as estheticians must be licensed in order to perform certain treatments.

If you have a bad reaction at a spa that is not following the proper regulations of the city, follow up with a personal injury attorney (from Dunnigan & Messier P.C.)to find out the steps to filing a proper lawsuit for damages.