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Personal Injury Law: The Cost of Neglect

What do you do if you slip on a spot of ice on the sidewalk? A broken-wrist teaches the painful lesson to keep an eye on your footing. The injury described could be solely a reminder for the walker to not be so clumsy. However, what if the slip occurred on a section of sidewalk that a homeowner failed to keep clean? Who then is responsible for the injury?

Deciding such issues can be confusing and complex. If you find yourself mired in the dilemma of figuring out who's responsible for an injury, you need to talk to a personal injury lawyer.

Assigning Fault in a Personal Injury Case

Saddled with the bills resulting from an injury, you might want to attribute an accident to someone else's negligence. Rather than pay for someone else's doctor bills, the negligent party might try to deny any fault in the accident. Such complications mean that the truth of who's at fault might not be all that cut and dry.

Typically, the injured party could have taken steps to prevent an accident, but you can't ignore any ways that negligence contributes to the injury. Thus, the blame might be shared.

Often personal injury cases are not as simple as assigning full blame to just one party, and who gets saddled with the greater share of the blame, and thus the greater share of the cost, will depend on the evidence presented in the case. The point is to make an attempt to receive compensation if your medical bills are very expensive.

What to Expect from a Lawyer

How do you know what evidence is important? Details like how prone to negligence a homeowner is or how accident prone the injured party is can carry a lot of weight in a personal injury case. A lawyer will know to dig for such details and will then know how to weave seemingly irrelevant details into a coherent story. Every case has its intricacies that can baffle a laymen. In fact, there is an art to preparing and presenting a court case, and it is this art that lawyers devote their lives to learning. 

You might think that all you have to do is talk to the person or persons responsible for injuring you in order to work things out. This approach can, however, lead to disagreements and complications. Thus, to avoid further problems, your best option in a personal injury case typically is to hire a personal injury lawyer through resources like Spiegal And Barbato LLP to make your case for you.