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The 2 Reasons You Need A Child Custody Attorney

When it comes to the future of your children, from where they will stay during holidays to the schools they attend, you know that there is nothing you wouldn't do to give them a better life. Unfortunately, this can be a tricky sentiment to actually prove in court during child custody hearings, which is why is it's imperative that you enlist the assistance of a child custody attorney like those at the Nelson Law Group PC to help you through such difficult times. An experienced attorney can help demonstrate to the court a degree of love and devotion that you might not otherwise be able to convey. The following is a brief description of the two most important ways a child custody lawyer can help in such situations. 

Regarding Time Spent With Children

Even if you're the parent that your children spend the most time with, custody battles can be stressful, even vindictive conflicts between spouses, which often causes one or the other parent to play dirty. For instance, if your partner has a multitude of receipts and other documentation that prove he or she was with your children for what seems like a 'majority of the time', a judge may be inclined to think that he or she is indeed the parent the children are with most often. 

Even if the reality is that the partner in question only really sees your children once every couple weeks, but always takes them to some theme park or other expensive attraction, in court, what matters is often what you can demonstrably prove. In situations like these, an expert attorney can work with grocers, physicians, and other people in your life to back-track weekly expenditures and paint a more accurate picture of who the primary parent really is.

Shedding Light On The True Nature of Relationships 

Much in the same way that one parent may try to fool the courts into thinking he or she is the primary caregiver, disgruntled partners may also try to affect the court's decision regarding who is the most emotionally suitable parent. Often times, one spouse may assert that recent screaming matches or bouts of profanity make the other spouse an unfit parent. Even if such events are taken out of context, i.e., screaming with the kids because it was part of a game, or letting a four-letter word slip when you stubbed your toe against a door, a judge may not necessarily see it in the same light.

At that point, it is up to a skilled child custody attorney to convince the judge that your relationship with your children is not only a healthy one, but also that you would never treat your children with such disregard or anger. Whether through homemade movies, mobile phone pictures, or testimony from neighbors, a skilled attorney will find a way to make sure that the loving, caring relationship you have with your children is clearly demonstrated. 

Overall, a child custody attorney has a plethora of tools at his disposal to ensure that custody of your children isn't lost to a spouse who is merely trying to 'win' for spite.