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Situations When The Injury Did Not Occur At Work But You Deserve Worker's Compensation

If you have been injured and think it could somehow be related to work, you should consult with a workers compensation lawyer. Just because the accident did not happen while physically at the work property does not mean that it is not work related. If you are performing any task for your employer, you are covered by worker's compensation insurance.

To get a better understanding of off-site injuries that deserve compensation, here are a few examples:

Driving To and From Work

In general, if you are driving to or from work, and are in a car accident, you are not going to be able to claim worker's compensation benefits. This falls under the "coming and going" rule. However, like most rules, there are exceptions. The exceptions include, but are not limited to:

  • Traveling from one worksite to another
  • While performing a simple work task, such as picking up the boss' lunch
  • Any time you are paid for your traveling expenses
  • Driving a company vehicle

If you are not certain you should apply for benefits, file a report with your employer, and contact a worker's compensation attorney.

Working from Home

There are probably many times when you take work home to finish. Sometimes, you are doing something extra, that is not really part of your job, to help the company out. Perhaps you brought a printer home that had been acting up at work. While trying to repair it, your hand slipped and you cut yourself bad enough to need stitches.

Since you were working on a company machine, you should receive compensation. Your lawyer will help you through the case to ensure you get all you deserve.

Injury that Occurs Over Time

Not all injuries are going to be due to an accident. Sometimes, just the repetition of the work you do can cause damage to different parts of your body. If your job requires constant bending at the knees or lifting, you can be putting too much strain on your knees or back that will eventually lead to an injury.

You may be at home, doing simple housework and suddenly be in pain. Talk with your doctor to find out if the injury is due to repetitive work or not. If you are not sure of what to ask, your lawyer can talk to your doctor for you.

Sometimes, when the reports are not filed properly or at all, it can be very hard to prove the injury is somehow related to work if you were not AT work. Your initial claim may be denied. Contact a lawyer and explain the entire situation. After looking over all the facts and evidence, he or she can appeal the denial and get you the benefits you deserve.