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Health Condition Makes You Appear Drunk? Let A DUI Lawyer Know Immediately With This App

If you suffer from an illness or condition that makes you appear intoxicated, you need to protect your rights now. Law enforcement can pull you over if they suspect that you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Not only do you suffer the humiliation of being stopped, you can even spend time in jail until your name's cleared of the charges. There are a new app on the market that helps you overcome unnecessary DUI charges. Here's how the app works and steps you can take to protect your rights if law enforcement stops you.

How Does the DUI App Work?

In most cases of DUI stops and arrests, you must wait until law enforcement takes you to jail before you contact an attorney for help. By the time you speak to a DUI attorney, you may have lost valuable time with taking the medications for your medical condition.

Unless you have medical records in your vehicle at the time of the arrest or wear special identification bracelets that alert the authorities to your medical condition, they may not believe you when you tell them about it and how the condition affects you.

The DUI app alerts attorneys in your area or near the location of the stop. You simply activate the app on your mobile device, such as a cell phone or small tablet, by pressing a special icon or button. After you install the app, add your name, date of birth and contact numbers. Also, program the app with the contact numbers and names of friends and family members who can consult with the attorneys if you can't.

Depending on how advanced the app is, you may have the option of programming it with information about your medical condition. The DUI attorneys now know more about you, which gives them a chance to represent you efficiently and quickly.

Is the App Free?

The DUI app is free to all users. You obtain the app from the most popular app stores, or you can get it from the manufacturer's main site. It works on all mobile devices as long as you have access to the Internet or WiFi.

Because of your medical condition and the symptoms it causes, you should keep a wireless card or service on your mobile device at all times.

Things to Know

The DUI app can record information when you activate it, which may include the conversation you have with law enforcement. Once law enforcement arrests you, the attorney who represents you can check the area's police stations to find you. You don't have to worry about calling an attorney, which gives you some peace of mind in your situation. 

If you want to know more about the DUI app or how to find representation in case you're stopped by law enforcement, contact your criminal defense attorney or someone like Kassel & Kassel A Group of Independent Law Offices.