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3 Ways Injury Lawyers "Build Up" And Support Settlements

Are you looking at bringing a personal injury case in your state of residence, or securing the services of a personal injury attorney? Here are some key ways that attorneys work with defendants to protect their client's interests and get injury victims a better chance at reasonable compensation.    

Dealing with "Piling on Fault"

Regardless of the negligence or faults laws a particular state has, a defendant may try to suggest that the plaintiff was partially or totally at fault in an accident, to eliminate or reduce their legal liability. They might criticize the condition of the injury victim's vehicle, suggest that they were not fit to drive, put forward their own details about what happened in this section, or otherwise cast doubt on the idea that the defendant was at fault. Injury attorneys take these claims and refute them to reduce their client's exposure to situations where their settlement money gets dramatically reduced.

Getting Equitable Treatment for Medical Bills

Another problem can happen when defendant counsel argues that a defendant should not have to pay 'face value' or 'full value' on medical bills. This goes back to the very complicated system that we navigate as patients in America's healthcare world. Obviously, insurance companies pay deeply discounted rates to healthcare providers through contractual agreements. But the idea that a personal injury defendant should pay these discounted rates is absurd. Patients are billed full rates, and if they're only getting discounted money from defendants, they're liable for the difference, which can be over 50% of treatment costs. Injury lawyers will point out these fallacies and correct a situation where settlement may be incorrectly calculated on purpose by a defendant.

Pain and Suffering

There's another kind of situation where injury victims get misled by insurance companies or other parties. A defendant may contact the injury victim and tell him or her that personal injury pain and suffering settlement money is not applicable to the case. They will simply refuse to pay money for pain and suffering. Whether this is the law or not, the defendant will try to bluff and deny all claims of pain and suffering. This is another situation where personal injury lawyers (such as one from Tarkowsky & Piper Co. LPA) get involved in fighting for a victim's rights to additional compensation.

These three above situations are just some of the examples of the types of work that injury attorneys do on behalf of their clients. These legal professionals work to get full and fair compensation for injury victims in local courts.