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Falling Object Accidents In Construction Zones: Learn What Could Entitle You To Compensation

Construction zones are considered inherently dangerous areas where people can easily get injured by falling objects. Since most construction sites are often located in the vicinity of work and residential places, construction companies are typically required to adhere to strict safety regulations and inspection requirements so as to prevent injury to passersby. Read on to learn what could entitle you to a compensation claim should you get injured by a falling object in a construction zone.

Insufficient barricades and warning signs

Pedestrians often walk on sidewalks and other areas in the proximity of construction sites, oblivious to the danger they face from flying glass, debris or tools and equipment. It is therefore the responsibility of the construction company to place proper barricades that ensure a safe distance is maintained between pedestrians and construction sites.

Barricades on their own aren't sufficient warning, and construction sites are often required to have clear signs warning pedestrians that there is construction work going on overhead and that there is a risk of falling objects from construction scaffolding and platforms.

If a falling object in a construction area caused your injury, you may be able to file an injury claim if there were no barricades offering sufficient distance between you and the construction site, or there were no warning signs alerting you to the danger.

Poorly secured tools and equipment

Tools are frequently moved around a construction site, so constant inspection has to be carried out to eliminate the risk of tools falling down and injuring walking pedestrians. Workers have to always carry their gear in work belts and tool boxes while any heavy loads being lifted up to the construction area should be firmly secured with strong restrains and carried using safe hand lines or elevators to minimize the risk of loads falling off. Canopies or nets should also be in place to catch any falling objects.

Failure on the part of the construction company to take the above precautions can lead to a serious falling object accident in the area. If you are injured by falling tools or equipment, you should hire an accident lawyer to look into the precautions that the construction company failed to take, leading to your injury. Your lawyer will look at any negligent activity that may have caused your injury and help prove that the construction tools/equipment wasn't properly secured when it fell.

Employees who are incompetent, fatigued or intoxicated could also drop hand tools, which would usually entitle you to compensation from the construction company.

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