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Prevent Car Accidents With These Tips For Driving In Foggy Conditions

According to AAA's 2014 Fog and Crashes Report, fog and smoke account for one-in-five fatal multi-car pileup accidents. If you live in an area that has fog issues, whether it is in the early morning or just in general, it is important to know how to properly drive to ensure your safety.


Properly using your vehicle's lights can potentially save your life in the event of heavy fog. It is imperative that you use low and not high beam headlights. High beams will reflect off of the water vapor in the air and make it even more difficult to see.

In the case of extremely heavy fog, use your emergency flashers to ensure you are seen by other drivers. Some vehicles are also equipped with fog lights specifically designed for the purpose of protecting you in these circumstances.


One of the most important things you can do is slow down. Going the normal speed limit will only increase your chances of getting into an accident. Pay extra attention to the speed limit in foggy conditions because people tend to accelerate due to their inability to see external indicators of how fast they are actually going.


When driving in the fog, use the lines as a locational guideline. It's a good idea to use the lines on the right side of the road as an indicator of your position. Following it will keep you farther away from oncoming vehicles, thus ensuring your safety and that of oncoming vehicles.


Don't be afraid to pull over if the fog is too dense. If you are having even a little trouble seeing, pulling over until the fog clears will always be the smartest option. Be sure to only pull over when you know you are not going to endanger any of the vehicles around you. Give yourself and the other vehicles on the road enough time to see you and adjust their speed by always using your turn signals.

When pulling to the side of the road, make sure you are as far from the lanes as possible. It is very dangerous to park close to the road because the fog makes it hard for people to see and have ample time to react. Try to avoid sudden stops or lane changes, as these can come as a surprise to other drivers.

Follow these simple tips to ensure your safety on the road in the fog. It's far better to stay safe than be sorry. However, if you are involved in a car accident, contact a law office, such as Monohan & Blankenship.