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Is Your Grandchild In Danger With Your Child? Get Grandparent Custody Right Away

Are you a grandparent that thinks your grandchild would be much better in your care instead of the care of your child? Are there obvious sign that show your grandchild is suffering and they aren't getting the love and care that they need? If so, it's time to hire a child custody lawyer.

Your lawyer can first reach out to the parent to see if they would be willing to sign over custody, so you can get the child without having to go to court. If the parent isn't willing to comply you'll have to take legal action. Here are some factors that would greatly be in your favor.

Proof of Alcohol Abuse or Drug Use

Does the parent currently have charges pending for drug or alcohol abuse? Could they pass a drug test or a breathalyzer test on a daily basis if they had to? Leaving a child in the care of someone who is constantly abusing both alcohol and drugs or one of the two is dangerous and could be enough for you to get custody of the child.

Evidence of Neglect

Do the teachers at school complain that the child is falling behind, that the child doesn't have clean clothes or good hygiene, and that the child doesn't get fed? Is there proof that the child hasn't been cared for properly, or are there medical records showing proof of neglect? A neglected child is at the risk of many different health and safety complications and immediate action to remove the child from the situation may need to be taken right away.

Lack of Financial Stability

If the parent is struggling financially and can't put food on the table and can't keep a roof above the child's head, then your financial stability will help your case. If you can prove that you can provide a safe home, reliable meals, and the financial stability that the child needs to live a safe and productive life, this will be in favor of your case.

You want to meet with your lawyer and file the paperwork so you can get the case moving. A social worker will get involved to examine the parent that is in question, and you'll have to wait until your court date to see what the decision is. Don't waste another day in fear that your grandchild isn't safe or isn't care for - take action now. Visit a website, like http://madisonlf.com, to get started.