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Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Family Court Hearing

Family court proceedings can be essential for ensuring that serious disputes are addressed in a legally binding and professional way. However, these proceedings can be extremely stressful events for individuals to go through. If you are preparing for your first family court hearing, there are some tips that will help you to better handle the situation.

Schedule a Preparation Meeting With Your Lawyer

If you have never been through family court proceedings, you are unlikely to know what to expect from these hearings. This can lead to stress and a risk of making mistakes or being poorly prepared for these hearings. One of the more effective ways of combating this problem is to make it a point to have a preparation meeting with your attorney. During this meeting, you will be able to ask questions about what to expect, and your attorney will be able to review the way to phrase the answers you give to likely questions. Typically, these meetings will only take a couple of hours, and being as prepared as possible is worth making room in your schedule.

Force Yourself to Eat Breakfast the Morning of Your Hearing

On the day of your hearing, you might experience a tremendous amount of anxiety, and this can make it difficult to have an appetite for breakfast. While you might be tempted to skip this meal, this can lead to problems later in the day. These hearings can often take most of the day to complete, and you may not be able to get a lunch break. As a result, skipping breakfast can cause you to have difficulty focusing when answering questions or making decisions during the later portions of the proceedings.

Be Prepared for the Hearing to Run Late

If you have children to pick up from school or other critical daily errands, it is important to make contingency plans in the event you are unable to make it. Depending on the complexity of your case and the number of hearings scheduled for the day, it can be possible for your hearing to run late into the afternoon. This can be particularly common in rural areas where family court may only hold sessions a few days a week as this can lead to a large backlog of cases. For this reason, you may want to assume that you will be at the courthouse until late into the afternoon or early evening. This will help to avoid the stress and last minute confusion that can come from this hearing running late.

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