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Causes Of Negligence On A Child's Sports Team

When your child joins a sports team, you may be concerned about the fees for joining the team and making sure they get to practice on time. Although most children tend to come out unscathed, there is always the possibility that your child may get hurt. Many sports injuries are just a matter of accident and can't be helped. There are other accidents that are caused as a matter of negligence, due to the coaches or the field or building owners. Here are some injuries that may be due to negligence, rather than just a genuine sports accident. 

Holes in the field

All fields need to be inspected and in good condition before players practice or play. Most coaches of athletic teams, especially sports teams, select where the practice is held. If the field has pits and holes, your child can get their foot caught and sustain an injury to their foot or leg. If this happens, the owners of the field may be at fault. If the field is not well kept and in proper condition to play on, you may need to hire a personal injury attorney to get your child's medical bills covered. 

Encouraging children to push past an injury

Fatigue is common for children, when playing sports. Building up strength can also be a battle, when your child has to perform strength training. Though your child will need to push past being tired or developing strength, they should not be asked to play or train when they are injured. If your child experiences an injury and their coach asks them to continue to play or train, this can exacerbate the injury. If your child was hurt and was asked to play on the injury, this is negligence on the part of the coaches. 

Practicing in inclement conditions

Calling off practice due to bad weather is common for many sports teams. If the coaches decide to have players practice in poor weather conditions, injuries and accidents may become more common during the day. Slipping in the snow or falling during the rain can easily occur, if the conditions are too poor. If players are practicing when the weather is well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, a player could easily faint or suffer from dehydration that sends them to the hospital. In these cases, a negligence claim can be brought against those who made the judgment calls about practice.