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Defending Yourself In A Drag Racing Auto Accident Case

Racing with your buddies on what appears to be empty roads may seem like fun, but it can be dangerous or even deadly if somebody happens to get in the way. As a result, it is critical to understand this type of case, how it can affect you, and defenses you can raise to prevent serious financial loss. Here are some things to consider as you talk to your auto accident lawyer.

Drag Racing Is A Dangerous Activity

Even legal and sanctioned drag racing is a dangerous activity. That's because you are driving very fast and just inches from another person. In fact, illegal drag racing is estimated to take over a dozen lives every year and to cause even more injuries. And when you are racing on a street or a non-race-approved area (as sanctioned by state or local authorities), you are committing a criminally-negligent act.

That's because roads are not meant to be used in this way and you are behaving in a dangerous manner. As a result, lawsuits that involve drag races very rarely go well for the person doing the racing.

However, that doesn't mean you can't defend yourself if the accident wasn't entirely your fault. That's because the person who was injured may have been behaving in questionable ways that could have contributed to the accident. In this situation, you may be able to get some or even all of their charges waived.

Contributory Negligence May Help You Here

If your negligent drag racing was the sole cause of the plaintiff's injury, you are going to lose the lawsuit. However, if you can prove that they behaved in ways that contributed to the accident, you can get the case dismissed in your favor. That's because behaving in negligent ways and getting injured will bar that person from getting any compensation.

For example, if the injured person was driving very fast or drunkenly during the accident, they may have veered into your lane and contributed to the accident. However, they may also have been crossing the road in a negligent way, such as when you were obviously driving too fast and may have caused the accident simply by trying to be faster than a drag racing car.

So while you might not be clear of criminal charges (if the state wants to press them), you can defend yourself from any claims that occur due to drag racing. And if you somehow get out of the criminal charge or merely get probation, stop racing on the street to avoid this danger.