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What Can You Bring To The Bail Table?

If your spouse has been arrested, arraigned, and jailed, you may be able to spring him/her on a bail bond. The judge will announce what type of bond at the arraignment. A cash bond means that ONLY cash paid to the court/jail is allowed for the release of your spouse. However, if any other sort of bail bond is allowed, you can visit your bail bondsman to make arrangements. When you meet with the bail bondsman, make sure to bring with you any documents showing ownership of valuables and valuable items you have with you. Here are the things you can bring to the bail table that will be of use in securing a bail bond.

Gold and Silver 

Gold and silver jewelry, sans precious and semi-precious stones, holds enough value to secure a bond, if you have enough of it. This includes gold and silver bullion, coins, rare coins, etc. Bring whatever you have and can spare as the bond agent will weigh, test, and price it in his/her office. If it is not enough, anything else you have brought with you will help.

Loose Gemstones with a Jeweler's Evaluation Slip

Loose gemstones with an evaluation slip from a jeweler that says what each stone is worth and what the stone is can also help with bail. You generally need some sizable stones or stones of great value in order to secure a bail bond with just gemstones. That is why this is an "add-on" item in most cases when bringing valuables to the bond agent.

Car Titles

Cars are valuable enough to secure bail by themselves if they are fairly new or highly collectible. If you have such a car, and you own the car free and clear, you can use the car title and car to secure a small bail bond. This works best when your spouse can be released on a bail bond that is ten grand or less and your car is worth more than two grand.

For Big Bail Bonds

If you need some serious cash to secure a bail bond, then you should either try to get a loan or offer up your house and deed. The house and deed need to be free and clear of a mortgage in order to use it toward a bail bond. Otherwise, the loan from a bank may be your best and only option to get a bond.