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Step-By-Step: Gaining Your Loved One's Release Using An Immigration Bond

When a loved one has been arrested by the Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), it's easy to panic. Failing to act, however, might mean that your loved one stays behind bars in a federal facility for a long time. Your knowledge about the process and the actions you take after an arrest will make a big difference in the outcome of this dire situation, so read on to learn more.

The Detainment Facility

When illegal aliens are arrested, they are usually taken to the nearest federal law enforcement holding station. There, they will be booked and processed into the facility. If you are unsure of where your loved one is being held and you have access to the internet, you can use the ICE locator service online. If you wish to call ICE, the number for detainee information is 1-888-351-4024.

Federal Bail

In most criminal matters, the state where someone is arrested oversees the detainment and the bail bonding actions that might gain a release. In the case of some crimes, such as illegal immigration issues, the federal government is the authority used when bonds are needed. A bond is a promise to return for further court actions and is backed by cash and property. As with most state bonds, you have a choice of paying the full cost of the bond or using an outside bonding company to pay a portion of the bond (known as a surety bond). The Department of Homeland Security determines the amount your loved will have to pay for a bond, and there is no set bond schedule. Your loved one will appear before a federal judge and find out the bail amount, or you can phone the holding facility to find out more.

Using an Immigration Bonding Agency

Most federal bonds are expensive, but using an immigration bonding agency will help you save money since they only charge a percentage of the full bond amount. The amount you will need to pay the bonding agent varies depending on the charge your loved one is facing and the amount of the federal bond.

Speak to an Immigration Attorney

It's vital that you consult with an immigration attorney for help in having your loved one released from jail. Bail and bail bonds are can be complicated and the terms can be confusing. To be bailed out means a promise to return for all Notices to Appear in immigration court. Additionally, you must obey all the conditions of court. Knowing that your loved one is behind bars is extremely stressful. Speak to an immigration bonding agent near the federal holding facility to get more details on getting your loved one released from jail.