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Sharing the Road: How to Deal with Bicycle Injury Compensation

Bicycle riders are more prevalent now and some motorists are not prepared to safely share the road with them. As concerns about gas prices, climate change, and the need for cardiovascular exercise grow, so do the number of bicyclists. Unfortunately, greater numbers mean more chances for bicyclists being hit and injured by vehicles.

If you are the victim of a bike accident and are wondering how you can be compensated, read on.

Be Wary of Settlements

You are very likely to be offered an insurance settlement after a collision with a car. In almost all cases, the driver of the vehicle is 100% to blame for the accident but most people don't know how much they should be paid for all the losses they've incurred. For example, you might have these below losses and you can be paid for all of them:

  • Medical expenses—including future medical treatment costs required later on
  • Lost wages, including the use of any paid time off
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost or damaged personal property, which includes your bike, your clothing, cell phone, etc.

Instead of facing settlements alone, speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after your bike accident.

Act Quickly to Preserve Evidence

Personal injury cases rest primarily on evidence. It might be evidence of fault or it might be evidence of your losses. Unfortunately, evidence of the way the accident happened can be lost or weakened if you don't take action and speak to a personal injury lawyer soon enough. Your attorney will gather photographs, video, eye-witness statements, accident and police reports, medical records, and more. The sooner you act, the more reliable your evidence will be.

Seek Medical Treatment

When it comes to bike accidents, the injuries can be extremely serious and life-threatening for the victims. Head trauma, even for those wearing helmets, is common. For some, permanent brain injuries can occur and that means the victim might be entitled to a large settlement. Even more minor injuries like road rash and broken bones can result in untold pain and suffering for victims.

Sue for Driver Negligence

There are accidents and then there is negligence. When an accident occurs with a bike and rider, it might be simple carelessness. Nevertheless, accident victims are still entitled to be paid for their losses. If it can be shown that the driver of the vehicle was negligent, however, the case takes on some additional issues. For one thing, negligence shows that the driver was far more responsible for the accident than normal. For example, they may have been distracted by texting or something else. This type of negligent action could result in punitive damages in addition to other damages as discussed above.