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The Benefits Of Hiring A Mesothelioma Attorney

Asbestos and asbestos products were the darlings of the industrial world and in most aspects of construction from the early 1900s to the 1970s, which is when people generally stopped using asbestos due to new regulations.

Why the change? Asbestos is a natural mineral substance that can be mined as easily as talc and is revered for its fire-retardant capabilities, sound-canceling properties, and insulating abilities. Unfortunately, when humans inhale microscopic asbestos fibers, it leads to several deadly diseases—particularly a type of lung cancer known as mesothelioma.

Why did it take so long for the dangers of asbestos to be known?

Essentially, most people who develop some form of cancer due to asbestos don't realize they've been sickened until decades after their last exposure. Not everyone who is exposed to asbestos gets sick—but research indicates that approximately 20% of those exposed will eventually fall ill.

Unlike other forms of cancer, mesothelioma is only associated with asbestos exposure. Most people are diagnosed 20 to 50 years after their exposure, often when they are well into their retirement.

Why file a mesothelioma lawsuit?

Following your diagnosis, you're likely to encounter a number of struggles related to your illness. Treatment is expensive, as is the travel to and from the type of medical centers that can meet your needs. You may need assistance with home modifications and personal care—none of which comes without significant expense.

It's only natural to expect the companies that manufactured asbestos products or used them with full knowledge of the dangers to which their workers were being exposed to bear the expense of treatment for those that fall ill. In many cases, these corporations were forced to establish trust funds that can be accessed by victims—but only if you file a claim.

Why hire an attorney with experience in mesothelioma claims?

There are several benefits to hiring a mesothelioma law firm to handle your claim. First, they understand the unique time constraints you may be under after your diagnosis to make a claim before you lose the opportunity due to the statute of limitations.

Second, their experience with the process of working with the trustees of the mesothelioma funds can often make for an easy settlement without having to go to court—which is what you need when you're already overwhelmed and sick. 

Don't let your concerns about the stress of a lawsuit at this time stop you from getting what you are due. Your future—and the security of your family's future—may depend on your claim. Call a business like the Veterans Asbestos Alliance today for more information.