Going through a divorce? what do you do now?

Why Divorcing As A Senior Can Be More Tricky

If you are a senior and are filing for divorce, you may find it more difficult to file for divorce because there are additional obstacles you might encounter that you wouldn't face if you were younger. For this reason, you may need a family law attorney when making this decision. 

Financial Difficulties

Those who are going through a divorce can find that retirement is more expensive. You may find yourself with more debts and you may not have enough time to pay them off. You may also be unable to work or you may not be hired for as many positions.

You may also wonder where you will live. You may choose to move into an apartment or retirement community. However, if you prefer to live in a house, you may not be able to obtain a mortgage for another home if you are no longer able to remain in your current home after the divorce. However, you can reduce any financial difficulties you experience when your case is handled by a family attorney.

Splitting Assets

Even if you and your spouse are well-off and not concerned with finances, you may find it difficult to split assets. Over the course of years, you may have acquired property and various assets, such as cars. However, determining how much all of your property is worth and which property you would like to keep can be very difficult. However, with the help of a family law attorney, you may find a solution that will allow you to divide your assets while minimizing the costs of divorce.

Effects On Your Social Security

If you are receiving Social Security benefits, filing for divorce might have an impact on your benefits. Depending on how much you earn and how long you have been married, you may be entitled to Social Security benefits even if you are currently unmarried. 

If you are working with an attorney as you file for divorce, you will be able to find out what your rights and possible remedies are. That way, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether you'd like to go through with your divorce and the best way to go about it. You may choose to resolve your divorce through third-party mediation or you may choose to have an amicable divorce. However, if you or your partner chooses to fight your divorce in court, you'll need a family law attorney in your corner. Contact a family law attorney for more information.