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Three Reasons You Need A Trucking Accident Lawyer If Your Have Been In An Injury Accident With A Semi-Truck

If you've been injured in a traffic accident with a semi-truck, you will need to hire a personal injury attorney. But you should seek out one who has experience with accidents involving semi-trucks. The following are a few reasons for this.

These accidents can be unique

Unlike an accident with another car, those involving semi-trucks can have unique circumstances. The drivers are perched high above the cars on the road, and they are not always aware of them, even when they are in plain sight, without the use of mirrors. Cars can be sideswiped by a semi-truck without the driver being aware of it. Trucks take longer to stop, and if they brake too fast, they can jack knife, sending the trailer they are pulling to the side. Drivers of semi-trucks traveling downhill can sometimes lose control and be unable to stop. These are only a few of the unique situations an attorney needs to understand.

The damages are potentially greater

This is especially true with medical expenses. Survivors of crashes with semi-trucks can have medical expenses that can bankrupt a family. Often medical treatments are needed for the rest of a person's life. Semi-trucks and their trailers can turn over and crush a car, or the momentum and weight of a a trailer that is swinging towards a car after the truck has jackknifed can cause incredible damage. In short, the injuries sustained in accident with these large trailers are often more severe than those with cars. An attorney with experience in truck accidents is aware of the long-term recovery and medical costs his or her clients will endure.

There can be more than one party who is responsible

Although this can be true with car accident, it takes on greater significance with semi-truck accidents, because they can be costly. It is important to identify all parties that may be responsible. The truck driver's insurance policy likely has a maximum payout. However, there may be other vehicles that are partially responsible for the accident. There may also be businesses that are responsible for the accident, such as one that serviced the truck, or the manufacturer of faulty equipment on the truck. In some states, if the truck driver was drunk, it may be possible to bring a legal action against a bar that served the driver too many drinks.

When you have been injured in a traffic accident, you want to have a personal injury lawyer represent you. However, when this accident was with a semi-truck, you want to look for a lawyer that has experience. These accidents can be much different from those that involve only cars. In addition, these accidents can result in severe injuries that are costly and can last a lifetime. To receive the maximum compensation, an attorney will need to identify all those who may be responsible for the accident.

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