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Handling A Frivolous Lawsuit To Mitigate Adverse Implications

The law and the justice system are guarantees of justice and fairness in society. They are powerful tools that dispense law by fairly considering every circumstance. However, like any good tool, many people have abused it at the expense of litigants. Some people take advantage of the legal system by filing suits without any factual backing to frustrate or harass you. Other litigants in lawsuits frustrate other parties leading to unnecessary expenses and psychological harm. Therefore, it is important to stop abusive lawsuits as their effects are detrimental to the rule of law and can negatively impact public confidence in the justice system. The government and the judicial system should implement interventions to stop abusive lawsuits, ensuring citizens' access to justice. Consider taking the following steps when faced with frivolous lawsuits:

Do Not Panic

Lawsuits are often associated with negative outcomes. When faced with one, you can easily lose sleep and panic. The threat is understandable, especially for businesses, because the brand is in danger, compromising your entire franchise. Stopping abusive lawsuits is a complicated process that often discourages many people. However, despite all the grim outcomes, it is important to remember that they can be subdued. Most abusive cases lack merit and are often motivated by spite and hatred towards you to cause you mental and economical anguish. Thus, remain calm but strategic when faced with an abusive lawsuit. 

Consult Your Attorney

Hiring an attorney is the easiest way to stop abusive lawsuits. They have the requisite legal background and experience to guide you during the court proceedings. They can tell from the abusers' submissions whether their cases have merit and identify potential threats beforehand. An attorney can stop abusive lawsuits effectively through mediation, allowing for an out-of-court settlement. While the lawsuits may lack merit, they may drag for long, causing you psychological trauma. Thus, consider hiring an attorney to stop the abusive lawsuits filed against you. Your attorney may also advise you to file a counter lawsuit, requesting compensation for the incurred damages.

Trust the Judicial System

While the judicial system has been manipulated for the benefit of a few people, the courts balance out the difference. Judges have likely faced such cases before and strive to stop abusive lawsuits whenever they get the opportunity. For example, your attorney could apply for a motion to dismiss the suit. An experienced judge will likely terminate the suit, saving you considerable expenses. Judges have also been known to punish litigants who knowingly file abusive lawsuits to discourage the practice.