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The Ultimate Guide To Stopping Robocalls!

Stopping spam calls and telemarketing can be challenging. There are many different techniques you can use, such as call blocking, call screening, a do not call list, phone harassment laws, or robocall blocker apps. The following guide will cover all the ways you can stop spam calls.

Network Call Blocking

The most reliable and effective way to stop robocalls is to block them directly at the carrier level. This means that the call never actually reaches you or your phone but instead gets stopped by your carrier before it can even ring through.

Many carriers have this functionality built-in, and all of them have ways that you can contact them and request they block specific numbers or ranges of numbers. For example, if you're experiencing a lot of calls from an unfamiliar area code, you can ask your carrier to block all calls from that area code. You'll never know if someone is trying to reach you from that area code, but since scammers rarely spoof local numbers, it's a good way to get rid of most of the spam calls you're receiving.

Registering Numbers on the Do Not Call List

The Do Not Call list is a database of phone numbers that are registered by owners who don't want to receive telemarketing and sales calls. The list is maintained by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and is available for telemarketers to check before making calls. To register your number to the Do Not Call list, visit the FTC Do Not Call website

It's important to note that listing your number on the Do Not Call list will reduce telemarketing and sales calls, and it won't eliminate them entirely. Political organizations and charities are exempt from the rules, as are companies with which you have an existing business relationship (such as your cable provider).

Call Screening

Call screening, also called caller ID blocking, is a way to block unwanted calls by identifying and permanently marking certain phone numbers as 'spam' numbers. Call screening can be used in conjunction with caller ID to make the difference between an annoying call and an important one (or, even better, to prevent calls altogether).

Call screening works like this: You sign up for a free service that blocks your phone number from appearing on all incoming calls from numbers you don't want to talk to. Call screening services work by checking who is calling before you answer the phone, which stops robocalls from getting through. When a call from a number on your blocked list comes in, it will ring once, then be automatically disconnected when no one picks up.

Call screening is the most popular way to stop spam calls because it is the easiest and most affordable method for most people.

Robocall Blocker Apps

A robocall blocker app may help you stop receiving spam calls on your mobile phone. There are various apps available to download on your smartphone, and they typically operate in one of two ways:

They use a community-based approach, whereby users can report spam numbers, allowing the app to build a database of nuisance callers. When a user receives a call from that number, the app will automatically block it.

They employ advanced technology to automatically detect and block spam calls before they reach your device.

If you are getting too many spam calls, it can be helpful to know about all your options for stopping them! Contact a firm like Heidarpour Law Firm for more information.