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Should I Hire A Lawyer When Taking A Contractor To Small Claims Court?

When you hire a contractor to repair your home, you might not be happy with the results. This is sometimes the case when you hire a contractor, but this doesn't necessarily mean that the contractor has done anything wrong. However, there are some cases where you should consider hiring a lawyer to assist you in taking your contractor to small claims court.

How to Resolve the Dispute

If you have concerns with your contractor, you will first want to discuss your concerns with the contractor themselves. There might be a way that you could resolve your differences. However, if the contractor is not cooperative and you need a legal remedy, you will want to speak with a lawyer.

How Your Lawyer Can Help

A lawyer will explain whether you have a case and whether it would be worth the cost to take the contractor to small claims court. For example, the contractor might be guilty of a "breach of contract" and you may need to go to small claims court for a remedy. The good news is that small claims court is not as expensive and is quicker and easier.

Whether the Jurisdiction Will Allow It

In some jurisdictions, you are allowed to hire a lawyer to represent you directly in small claims court. In other jurisdictions, you will need to represent yourself. However, you can still hire a lawyer to assist you in the process.

How to Prepare for Your Case

A lawyer can help you gather all the evidence you will need to prove that you have a case. You can then present it yourself in small claims court. Your lawyer can also provide you with advice on how to conduct yourself so you will be more likely to win your case and receive a favorable judgment. 

Why Hiring a Lawyer is a Smart Financial Decision

You might think you are saving money by not hiring a lawyer, but you can actually lose money by failing to do so. You will waste time preparing for a case you are less likely to win when you could spend your time on other things. Also, if you lose the case, you will not receive a remedy for the legal dispute involving the contractor.

Many lawyers bill by the hour and it might not take very long for your lawyer to prepare your case. Therefore, hiring a lawyer for your small claims court case might be more affordable than you might think. Reach out to a firm like Alaska Cascade Financial Services to learn more.