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3 Questions About Nursing Home Abuse

Do you have a loved one that is currently in a nursing home, and you're worried that they may be a victim of abuse? If so, you'll likely have these questions.

What Is Considered Nursing Home Abuse?

When many people think of somebody being abused, they often think of somebody being physically hurt by another person. Unfortunately, abuse can come in many different forms, especially when someone is under the care of another person. While physical abuse is something to be concerned about, mental abuse can be a factor as well. This includes having a loved one who is essentially abandoned in the nursing home with nobody to check up on them and who is mentally abused by their caretakers. 

How Can You Tell If Nursing Home Abuse Is Happening?

If you are unsure if nursing home abuse is happening, and your loved one is unable to vocalize their experience, then it can be very difficult to tell what is happening. You will need to look for signs that abuse is happening when you are not around. 

Check the condition of their clothing and their bed. Does it look like sheets are being changed regularly? Check to see if they have bedsores to tell if they are being turned regularly or ignored. Look at their mental state. Do they seem afraid of caretakers when they come into the room? Check on the medication they are receiving against what is prescribed by their doctor. Are they being overmedicated? 

How Can You Document Nursing Home Abuse? 

It's going to be difficult to document some of the signs of nursing home abuse. However, you should take photos of problems whenever possible. You will want to see if you can get any witnesses at the care facility that can vouch for the abuse that is happening when you are not there. It is also worth getting medical records of the care that they are receiving as well since all of that care should be documented. 

If you feel like your loved one is not being treated with the same type of care that you would provide them, then it may be time to start looking into working with a lawyer that specializes in nursing home abuse. They know the signs of what to look for and the evidence that you need to gather, and they can give you realistic ideas of what kind of settlement you should expect. 

To learn more, contact a lawyer who deals with nursing home abuse cases.