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The Importance Of Retaining A Local Patent Lawyer For Your Invention

As an inventor, you want to protect your inventions from abuse and theft. You want to avoid someone else taking credit for them and benefiting financially from something you created.

Even so, you might lack the legal prowess to represent yourself if someone steals your ideas. You can instead hand off your case to an experienced patent lawyer who can represent both you and your inventions in court. 

Proving Theft

When you have an experienced local patent lawyer on retainer, you can get the help you need to prove you are the rightful owner of the invention. This proof may come in design plans or dated patents and trademarks. It may also come from sworn testimony from people who know you and the inventions you created.

This proof can be sufficient in disproving the claim of the fraudulent party and forcing that individual to stop laying claim to and benefiting from your inventions. Your patent lawyer can ensure this person immediately ceases their fraud and pays restitution to you.

Allocution to the Truth

Further, your patent lawyer may be able to clear up any public misconceptions regarding your inventions. The fraudulent party might have slandered your name and company in the press. They may have won over public opinion and caused others to look poorly upon you as an inventor.

However, the patent lawyer you retain may be able to compel them to own up to the truth of the case. This person may have to admit to stealing your invention and profiting off of it illegally. They may also have to give you due credit and clear your name with the public.

Protecting Your Finances

Finally, your patent lawyer may be able to help protect your finances as an inventor and business person. You might have thousands of dollars or more wrapped up in your inventions. You also may count on any revenue you get from them as income for you and your family. Your patent lawyer can ensure that no one else but you benefits financially from the sale and use of your inventions.

An experienced patent lawyer can provide vital services to inventors like you. This type of attorney can prove you rightfully created and own the inventions in question. They may also compel anyone stealing your inventions to admit to the theft and likewise help protect your finances.

Contact a local patent lawyer to learn more.