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Poor Home Maintenance And Dangers To Renters And Guests

Keeping a home in good shape could reduce the potential for a slip-and-fall accident or another mishap. When a homeowner does not maintain their property, numerous hazards could put visitors at risk. Homeowners who take advantage of gig economy apps that allow them to rent rooms in their homes should be extra vigilant. Still, some will embrace a lax attitude, assuming no one will ever venture onto the property. That's a risky assumption that could open the homeowner to liability if someone gets hurt. Ultimately, a personal injury lawsuit may result when the property owner/gig economy landlord has a duty to keep visitors safe and fails at that responsibility.

A Combination of Liabilities

Neglect could lead to many hazards that collectively manifest, a troubling situation when renting out rooms. Hazardous conditions and a refusal to address maintenance issues may result in guests walking into a danger zone without realizing it. For example, the homeowner may request guests enter through the rear entrance. Doing so requires the guest to walk over a broken pathway with cracked cement and walk up a narrow flight of stairs that has several defects. If the railing on the stairs may be loose, anyone walking on the steps could fall if the railing breaks free. Homeowners who have ignored these hazards for years could be liable for injuries if a guest falls.

Making the Situation Worse

Telling the guests to enter through the rear at night and making them walk through a hazardous area without lighting could make things even worse. In fact, a lack of light could be a liability by itself, even if the property was in pristine condition. The same logic may apply when there are security hazards, such as windows and doors that do not lock properly.

Not Being Responsible for Other Guests

A home could have multiple rooms and book several guests at the same time. If someone staying at the property puts other people in danger through their behavior, homeowners who do not take action may face legal claims if someone gets hurt. 

Seeking Compensation

Injured persons who can show that negligence factored into the harm they suffered could seek compensation for pain, medical bills, lost wages, and other financial losses. A personal injury lawsuit may not necessarily be the way to settle the situation. If the homeowner has the proper insurance coverage for commercial use, the injured parties' attorneys could negotiate a settlement. 

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