Do You Need A Temporary Emergency Custody Order?

If you are involved in a child custody battle, you know that these procedures can often linger on for weeks or months. But what happens when you cannot wait this long because your child is in danger or at risk of disappearing with the other parent? In these cases, you may need your child custody lawyer to file for a temporary emergency custody order. But what does this mean and what do you have to prove to get one? [Read More]

How Illegal Actions Factor Into Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

Whenever a motor vehicle accident lawyer files a claim on behalf of a client, liability is a central issue. Frequently, defendants aren't entirely liable because motor vehicle accident law recognizes that two or more parties may have contributed to an incident. Partial liability can significantly reduce the value of a claimant's compensation. One notable factor when it comes to liability is the potential illegality of a defendant's actions in the moments leading up to an accident. [Read More]

The Importance Of Retaining A Local Patent Lawyer For Your Invention

As an inventor, you want to protect your inventions from abuse and theft. You want to avoid someone else taking credit for them and benefiting financially from something you created. Even so, you might lack the legal prowess to represent yourself if someone steals your ideas. You can instead hand off your case to an experienced patent lawyer who can represent both you and your inventions in court.  Proving Theft [Read More]

Reasons to Hire an Attorney When Suing a Company for Wrongful Death

There are some business sectors that leave families susceptible to wrongful death situations, including the medical and industrial industries. If your family decides to sue a company for one of these deaths, hiring an attorney is an important step for multiple reasons. Perform an Official Investigation Regardless of what you believe happened to your family member that caused their death, you still need to have the incident investigated. That's where a wrongful death attorney will prove pivotal. [Read More]